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Eat, Meditate and Experience

Over years of developing Tisa’s Barefoot Bar, and village hospitality, we have met so many wonderful visitors and travelers from all over the world. Some of the most memorable times are etched in our memories forever. Expressions of love and appreciation for wonderful organic meals from our garden, prepared by our famous chef, Candy.  Quality times we spent learning about each other over sunrise at breakfast, watch the majestic full moon rising over dinner, and gazing at starlit nights in the Milky Way before bed time.

Or just put up your aching feet and indulge in Tisa’s famous homemade Pina Kolada, and allow the spirit of nature to restore your inner peace.

It is with great pleasure, and anticipation, we welcome you to our beautiful island, of happiness. Experience the warmth and safe family vibe of American Samoa, where people and relationships are valued in culture of peace and harmony.

Our Responsibility

Indigenous Culture Fa’asamoa

The spirit of Samoan Culture is highlighted in all aspects of Tisa’s warm hospitality; from welcoming visitors, to engaging in a revival of cultural arts.

Environment and Sustainability

As a pioneer and advocate of Eco-tourism, Tisa’s Barefoot Bar practices lowimpact operation to discourage further damage to living things.

Alega Marine Reserve

The biggest disappointment upon returning to my island in 1980, was the depletion of ocean resources and lack of interest in Ocean conservation.

Our Alega Passion

Samoan Feast

We feast together and celebrate life in harmony in Tisa’s barefoot environment. The Samoan Umu Feast is about reconnecting in a family friendly atmosphere, sharing travel adventure stories and meeting new friends in the spirit of Samoan dining experience.

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Nude Friday (PO ULA Nights)

We know how to have fun when the full moon is inviting. This night of revelry was revived by the adventures of Tisa in the early years of the Barefoot Bar’s development. Before contact, Samoan hospitality was a village affair. The hosting village made elaborate preparations to bid farewell to the visiting Malaga

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Palolo Festival

An event scheduled by nature, Palolo make their appearance to spawn in the last quarter of the moon in October and November. Palolo is collected by net and enjoyed as a delicacy. Every year in season, much preparation is given to welcome the palolo to our shores.

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Tattoo Festival

The first Annual Tisa’s Tattoo Festival was established in 1993 by Tisa, celebrating the Past, Present and Future of the Samoan Tatau. The Festival is held at Alega village each year in October. It was one art of the Samoans that they could not part with, against its banning, by missionaries in the 1830s.

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