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Discover the magic of Tutuila island with an Indigenous Guide. This tour package is truly the best way to spend your limited time in American Samoa. It is the only package that includes not only a guided tour, but access to a private pristine beach and snorkeling in a Marine Sanctuary as well as a traditional Samoan Umu Feast. Includes:

Your tour begins after the ship disembarks when we meet you when you exit the gate at 9:00 AM.

  • Sightseeing of the beautiful Eastside coastline of Tutuila
  • Several photo shoot stops of the popular Fatu & Futu
  • Camel Rock, Alofau Ridge, and Aunu’u Island
  • Time at Tisa’s Barefoot Bar and exclusive, private beach
  • Unveiling and sit down of Samoan Traditional oven and dining experience
  • Organic cooking in a rock oven
  • Swim and snorkeling in the private Alega Marine Preserve
  • Enjoy Alega Beach and the World Famous Tisa’s Barefoot Bar
  • Free WiFi internet

Our authentic Samoan feast is being prepared just for you in a stone-fired earth oven with only the freshest food available, locally grown and free of chemicals. Watch and learn how food was originally prepared, served and presented by Tisa’s ancestors for over 3,000 years.

A beautiful and idyllic private sanctuary awaits you.  Enjoy combing the beach or just simply lounge on the deck and take it all in, as you share stories with new friends and enjoy a delicious homemade Pina Colada. The Alega Beach Marine Preserve is living aquarium and all yours to enjoy. Go for a swim in the clean, warm waters of the South Pacific or snorkel amongst a living coral reef with an abundance of marine life. If you plan to snorkel, please bring your snorkeling gear and a well fitting life jacket.

Unforgettable memories are waiting to be made and shared with friends and family. You will be amazed. That’s a guarantee.

Apart from the beverage served with the Samoan Feast, delicious drinks are available for purchase at our fully-stocked bar.

Tour, Beach, and Feast Pass –  $255.00 per person.
By Reservation Only.

    Includes Samoan Feast/Entertainment, access to the Private Beach, and once in a lifetime photo opportunities at Alega. This option does not include transportation to and from Alega or any guided tour.

Beach and Feast Pass – US$125.00 per person.
By Reservation Only.


We are excited to share all that we are doing as stewards of the Alega environment to help our planet heal. Your interest and support is most welcome.

Alega Marine Sanctuary

Hard work and determination sets pioneers apart from normal people. The vision of Tisa, to restore marine life back into her village bay was farfetched and seemed impossible for most islanders. But Tisa was set to do otherwise. Since 1980, each day was dedicated, for cleanup campaigns along with the help of her family to collect trash in the bay, beachfront, and highway of her village home.  Much of the island and local people rebelled, when she declared her beachfront and village Bay off limits to fishing and sand mining, by 1985. “It was a long and painful journey of my life to lay down the new environment laws of our village,” admitted Tisa.  “Enforcing them took many years of near death experiences and life threating encounters from unhappy poachers.” Tisa was determine to continue enforcement and surveillance of Alega Preserve. Her mission was clear and precise to restore damaged coral reef caused by powerful cyclones of 1990 and 1991. Entire coral reef colonies with living animals and their shelters became pebbles on the beach.

Thirty years later, we are excited to share amazing results of conservation and preservation of our Marine Sanctuary. Take a snorkeling tour, in our coral reef and greet the residents in Alega Marine sanctuary. From giant clams to baby octopus, and turtle nesting, all is worth a day of meditation at Tisa’s barefoot world. Let us offer you our new conservation approach, of how to be a responsible traveler and feel the heartbeat of the earth. Our natural aquarium is an awesome place to start. You won’t be disappointed.

The Alega Preservation Institute is now a 501c3 organization. Your tax deductible donation can be made via the Paypal Giving Fund

Environment and Eco Tourism

As a pioneer and leader of Eco-tourism, of American Samoa, the 28 year old Tisa’s Barefoot Bar & Eco Lodge, is fully committed to reduce further damage to other living things and environment. We accept the responsibility of living by examples, and maintain sustainable business practice in our village and share them with our neighbors. Our mission to live in harmony with nature, has improved with lessons learned, through trial and error, education, and team work with our island community and government.

Restoring and sharing of our traditional practice and knowledge in organic farming has inspired planting of new food items on island. We encourage, fishing responsibly and in season, to insure protection of rare species from extinct. A healthy environment is a great sign of a balance eco system. We succeeded in improving our business outlook to reduce, recycled and reuse everything including trash washed up on the beach for our business shelter.

Stay in our Eco-lodge tree house homestay. They were designed and built for beach and nature lovers who would not have it any other way. Hiking, snorkeling and Samoan cooking class Tours are fun eco-friendly activities offered year round at Tisa’s.

Traditional Tattooing and Samoan Cultural arts are celebrated annually in the last weekend of October. Tisa’s Tattoo Festival, revived the Samoan Tatau and it has become one of the most sought after skin art internationally. Tattooing and cultural activities, including traditional food and music are some of the fun things to experience in this fun filled weekend of October. Want a taste of traditional Samoan tattooing tools? Welcome to the land of Samoan Tattooing and meet traditional tattooists at Tisa’s Annual Tattoo Festival. Get inked and celebrate the Samoan Tatau with the coolest people of American Samoa.


Po Ula (Nude) Friday is an ancient event celebrated at Tisa’s. It is worth staying overnight to greet the sunrise with an organic breakfast.

Join the Security Food 4 U Revolution

The challenge of feeding the world has become a major concern today, especially for small islands in the South Pacific.  Alega Village farmers have revived the organic farming secrets of their ancestors and put them to practice – this is how the Food Security 4 U Revolution was established in the year 2017.

Restoration and revival of the traditional planting secrets of Alega Village is our mission. For over a century, this village was the source of food supply for the island of Tutuila. After World War II, the village eventually lost its farmers by the mid-1960s. The next generation produced seven young men, and the farming of Alega began to flourish again.  But once more, the young farmers got tired of farm life and slowly they disappeared on the plane to faraway lands, in search of the American dream. Today, we are eager and ready to revive the secrets of Indigenous farming of Alega Valley and provide food security for the island of Tutuila. Join the revolution.

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