Today's Sunrise and Sunset

Sunrise: 06:44 AM SST
Sunset: 06:03 PM SST

Say hello to your Samoan Aiga

We look forward to your visit. Sharing the pristine beauty of our island with you is what we enjoy. Please know that as an Eco-tourism business and also the stewards of the Alega environment our primary commitment is to help our planet heal. We have begun to limit the number of visitors to Tisa’s to reduce our footprint. We appreciate your support and understanding as we protect Alega for future generations.

Booking tip: Choose the dates of your visit to start, then choose your type of visit.

Email Us: tisa@tisasbarefootbar.com


Tisa’s Barefoot Bar & Eco-Resort
PO Box 3576, Pago Pago
American Samoa 96799


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